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Causes of drain clogs

Here are the most common culprits to  sewer drain clogs and problems:

  1. Tree roots are a common cause of sewer drain breaks and clogs. Of course, at the time sewer lines are laid underground, they are free and clear of plant and tree roots. But as the years pass – that can change. Plants and trees may at first find all the needed nutrients and water supply in the surrounding soil. But they may also seek out the regular water supply flowing through nearby pipes, wreaking havoc on your sewer system.
  2. Kitchen grease and oils poured down the drain: As much as you may think running lots of hot water will dilute any grease and oil poured down your kitchen drain, it generally slows down and sinks to the bottom of the pipe in the sewer line – building up over time and reducing available water flow space within the pipe. Simply put, dispose of grease and oil in the trash.
  3. Noxious gas smells should be addressed right away. Check vent pipes to ensure there’s clear air flow. Remove birds’ nests, if present. If, for any reason, the fumes leave you feeling at all nauseated, light-headed, dizzy or cause a headache, get immediate medical attention. Most sewer gases are not toxic (even if they are unpleasant). However, in some industrial, commercial or agricultural locations, more toxic gases may be present. And some are flammable. So you should seek immediate professional attention for these problems.

While the solution to your sewer drain problems may not appear elementary at first, there are basic tools Sewer Masters® employ to solve the “crime” upon your plumbing system.

Depending upon the type of clog and its position, our trained technicians may make use of plumbing snakes, plungers and even water jetting (pressurized water) to remove an obstruction. Our expert staff will be able to tell you if a combination of tools provide the best solution for your specific problem.

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