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Sewer drain backup symptoms

Clues to a clog

Here are a few tips to narrow down the cause of your clog:

  1. If ALL of your drains are not flowing properly at the same time there is a strong possibility the clog is in the main sewer line.
  2. If you notice that your toilet has a problem flushing and it is not affecting any other drain, then the problem is isolated to the toilet.
  3. Water going up instead of down. One way to test the location of a problem is to run the water in the sink nearest the toilet. If the toilet water goes up when you do this, it may be a sewer problem. Remember, water backs up to the lowest point. So it may, instead, back up into the bathtub or shower. (These drains are lower than sink drains.)
  4. Smell something funny? That may be a nice way to put it. Plumbing lines are filled with gases, but they are also designed with appropriate venting to allow gases out and oxygen in to help waste flow properly. There may be a problem with your venting. Call us if you are unsure.
  5. Is your backyard or front yard suddenly very soggy? You could have a sewer drain leak underground (if it’s not an irrigation system leak). This also indicates a problem for septic systems. Although pipe breaks are far rarer than clogs, they require immediate attention.

Whatever the cause of your sewer drain backup, Sewer Masters® can get it cleared for you as quickly, cleanly and efficiently as possible. Each truck in our fleet is fully equipped to handle sewer drain diagnosis and repair. And each technician has completed a rigorous training program to not only solve your plumbing problem quickly but also to give you the utmost in customer service and satisfaction. Our goal is to leave you with a clean site and a smile on your face!

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